The Future Of Electric Scooters And Bikes In India.

The future of electric bikes and scooters are very bright because it runs on battery which is very good for enviroment and for us too. Electric scooter runs on the battery which can be charged by using electricity and on the other hand normal bikes and scooters runs on the fuel which is very expensive nowdays and they are not good for the enviroment, traditional vehicles creat air pollution and noise pollution which is very harmfull to us and our enviroment so we have to look forward towards the electric vehicles.

Indian Government Initiatives.

EV charging stations in india
Ev Charging Station in Delhi

Indian government taking big initiatives to build insfrastructure for Electric Vehicles.

Indian government helping to install the charging stations for electric vehicles also they are giving the subsidy to the company for electric vehicles.



Electric scooter is comfortable for all ages of people. Man, woman, old age youngster anybody can drive ola scooter very easily as it does not use fuel so it also saves your money it takes around 5 rupees in 60 km where the fuel bikes take 80 to 90 Rupees in 60 km.


Electric scooter is eco-friendly it does not create any air pollution or noise pollution.
It also saves are natural resources like petrol and it helps to keep our environment clean and healthy.