Ola Electric Scooter, Features, Specifications, Colour, Range, Top speed, and everything about Ola Electric Scooter.

Ola scooter

Ola scooter is an electric two-wheeled vehicle that you can drive without using fuel. You can charge it using electricity. Plug the charger into the electric board and your scooter will charge without any problem. There is no need to stand and wait in a long queue to fill up the fuel. Just sit in your office or take sleep while the vehicle gets charged.


Ola electric scooter is eco-friendly it does not create any air pollution or noise pollution.
It also saves our natural resources like petrol and it helps to keep our environment clean and healthy.

Ola electric scooter is comfortable for all ages of people. Men, women, old age, youngsters anybody can drive an ola scooter very easily as it does not use fuel so it also saves money it takes around 5 rupees for 60 km whereas the fuel bikes take 80 to 90 Rupees for 60 km

Ola launched its first scooter in India on 15th August 2021. Ola launched it in 2 variants ola S1 and ola S1 Pro. The company announced that the purchase will start on 8 September 2021 and will deliver across 1000 cities.

The company postponed their delivery many times but in December they finally started the delivery of Ola S1 with some issues in delivery, People getting the ola scooter with some dents, scratches, and some issues, Company gave the satisfaction to repair all the problems with the free of costs.

Ola electric scooters price.

The Ola electric S1 price starts from 99,999 and the ola electric S1 Pro price starts from 1,29,999. But after the subsidy it comes at different prices it depends on the state government subsidy for example in Delhi Ola S1 cost rupees 85000 after the subsidy whereas in Gujarat it cost around 80000

Ola scooter colors.

ola electric scooter colours

The ola S1 comes in five colors red sky blue yellow black and white and on the other hand the ola S1 Pro comes in 10 colors sky blue yellow Silver Gold pink black navy blue grey and white and red

Specifications of Ola S1 and S1pro.

Ola S1 and ola S1 Pro both are less with many features which Can attract you very easily it has a 36-liter storage capacity under the seat 7 inches Brite touch screen display anti-theft alert system geofencing, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS, Side Stand-down, Reverse mode, Get Home Mode, LED lights there is one big thing there is no physical key option you need to pair it with your smartphone, it will lock automatically when you go away from your scooter and will unlock too when comes close to your scooter.
In Ola S1 pro there is a Hill hold function, voice assistant, cruise control, and a sound system too where you can play songs and will produce artificial sounds like a bike, but most of the features are not active it will activate later on software update. 

Ola Electric Scooter range or mileage.

Ola S1 Pro.

According to the ARAI Ola S1 Pro range is 181km on a full charge but the actual range is 135km on a full charge.

Ola S1.

According to the ARAI Ola S1 range is 121km on full charge but the actual range is differing on a full charge.

The company says this range depends on the road conditions, weight, speed, and many other conditions. You can read all the conditions on their website.


The one big difference between Ola S1 and S1 pro is the battery. Ola S1 has 2.98KWh and Ola S1 pro has a 3.97KWh battery. Both variants have non-removable Li-ion batteries.

Charging time.

Ola s1 has 2.98KWh so it takes 4hr 48 min in normal charging and fast charging 75km in 18min. On the other hand, the Ola S1 pro is having a big battery than Ola S1 so it takes a longer time than the Ola S1 6hr 30min in normal charging, and on fast charging, it’s the same as Ola S1 75km in 18min.

Ola Scooter Top Speed.

So all the things depend on the battery power, as

Mechanical Side.

Both scooters carry the same Mechanical feature.

Suspension- Front: Single Fork

                     Rear: Monoshock

Brakes- Both variants have disc brakes on both front and rear wheels.

Wheels- Both wheels are the same in size.

              Front: 12inch

              Rear: 12inch

Difference Between Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro

There are some differences between both the variants but those differences are not so big but still have some differences there and are as below

SpecificationsS1S1 Pro
Electric Motor Output5.5KW5.5KW
Peak Power8.5KW8.5KW
Charging Time4hr 48 min6hr 30 min
Top Speed90kmph115kmph
Ride ModesNormal, SportsNormal,Sports & Hyper

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