Ather Electric Scooter Price, Features, Specifications, and everything about Ather Electric Scooter.

Ather electric scooter has launched a 450X electric scooter which is a replacement for the Ather 450 electric scooter. it is an updated version of 450. The company discontinued the 450 and company relaunched the updated version of Ather 450 is 450. the company launched it in 2 variants Plus and Pro. As the company discontinued the Ather 450 the company will deliver the 450 plus instead of 450 and customers don’t need to pay extra money for that people will get an updated version at the same price.

Ather 450 is plus version and Ather 450x is a pro.


 Ather 450 plus price is 1.49 lakh and the 450X Pro price is 1.59 lakh.

Ather electric scooter on-road price varies from state to state because Ex-showroom prices and RTO charges are different in every state.

For example:-

Ex-Showroom  Price
 450x Plus450x Pro
Delhi₹ 1,18,996₹1,38,006

Subscription Pack.

The company also offers a subscription plan where you will have to pay 99000 and you will get the ownership of the scooter, the battery would on leas, and some other extra option or benefit you will get.

Ather 450plus 1699/month

Ather 450x pro-1999/month

Charging Options.

There is 3 type of charging option
first is the Ather grid which is for commercial purpose
The second one is a portable charger that you can carry along with you and you can charge anywhere your scooter  with that portable charger
And the third one is dot storage which will install directly into your electricity meter.

Charging Time

It takes 3 hours 35 minutes to charge 0 to 80% and because after 80% it takes a longer time to charge, it takes 5 hours 45 minutes to get fully charged.
In fast charging the battery charge 1.5 km per minute.

Electricity consumes 3 units to full charge.

Range or Mileage

It gives a range of 85 KM on a full charge in Eco mode. With a max speed of 80km /h

Features and Specifications

Ather electric scooter has a 7-inch touchscreen with a dark and bright mode option which offers all the necessary readouts and much is an Android-based open-source 1.3 GHz Snapdragon processor operating system with features like map navigation and onboard diagnostics. There’s also built-in Bluetooth that allows riders to play music and notification for incoming calls and The company has also given the option of 4G connectivity via an inbuilt sim card option.

Ather 450 electric scooter has three different riding modes — Eco, Ride, and Sport–each of which adjusts the performance of the scooter to optimize the range. But it also has a new Warp mode which allows the scooter to go from 0 to 40 km/h in 3.29 seconds. Ather will also offer a new smart helmet and tyre pressure sensor as accessories with 450X.


Other notable features available on 450X include a park assist system with reverse and forward mode, an illuminated under-seat boot with 22 liters of storage capacity, CBS combine Braking System and it has regenerative braking system which means it will charge your battery a little bit when you will press the brake. Ather Energy has a dedicated app that allows riders to find a charging station, vehicle statistics, save locations, save documents, and some other options.

It has an aluminum frame and is covered with a fiber body outside, LED headlamp, telescopic soccer MRF alloy wheel tyres 12-12inch both front and rear, mono suspension, and disc brake without abs.

It has ip67 rated lithium-ion removable battery which is 2.9 KWh and a belt-driven hub motor

If you are going out of town or going outside for a long time you can shut down your scooter this will close all the applications and functions of your scooter which will save your battery.

Battery2.9KWh lithium-ion
Range85 km eco mode
Max Speed80km
Charging5hr 45min
Fast Charging1.5km per minute
BrakingCBS disc brake
Ride modeEco, Ride, Sport, and Warp

Ola Electric Scooter is a good competitor of Ather Electric Scooter

Difference between Plus and Pro.

So there is significant difference between both the Variant but still have some differences they are as follows.

SpecificationsPlus packPro pack
Price1.49 lakh1.59 lakh
Battery capacity2.9 KWh2.9 KWh
Peak power5.4kW6kW
Max. torque22Nm26Nm
Top speed80kmph80kmph
0-40kmph3.9 seconds3.4 seconds
Range60km Ride, 70km Eco70km Ride, 85km Eco
Fast charging rate1km/min1.45km/min
Subscription packRs 1,699/monthRs 1,999/month

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